Customer Centric

At the heart of what we do are the people who use our products. The people who spend their hard-earned wages on our products are the ones we listen to most. We respond with powerful, well designed quality products which meet their needs and beat their expectations. Always.

Innovative solutions

Our relentless focus on the end customer creates an agile and innovative mindset. Our business stays ahead by innovating our products, our solutions, our model, and our cost base. Always.

Integrated Operations

We manufacture our own motors, controllers, and batteries as well as metal and plastic components. We are fully in charge of our supply chain and rely less on outside manufacturing than our competitors. We react more quickly and seize operational efficiencies throughout our business. Always.

Powerful Partnerships

We only partner with the best. The best retailers, e-Commerce sites, dealers' distributors, and suppliers. All our commercial relationships are with the strongest partners possible. But the same goes for people, we see our people as more than employees. We hope they see us more than an employer. We work together, grow together, and enjoy success together. Always.