Our Business Units

Our business unit structure is the driving force of our market beating growth. Each of the BUs has its own Product Management, Project Management, Engineering and Quality teams. They are based in China, with senior representation in all our marketplaces worldwide. We divide our focus and efforts as such.

Consumer Tools & Equipment

Our largest and most important BU. Charged with the ongoing development and refinement of battery powered products for home and garden use. Our product managers research in detail the consumer needs and match those needs with class leading value for money products and solutions.

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Professional Tools & Equipment

Focused entirely on the applications and needs of professional contractors and users of landscape equipment. The Professional BU produces products to the demanding standards required by commercial users. Our product managers are focused on the specific applications of the professional user. Turning those needs into high performance tools capable of the toughest use. Leading the change from gasoline into battery driven products is improving the environment and personal health and safety benefits for users worldwide.

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Ride On & Vehicle Products

EVs' are changing the transport market, well courtesy of the Globe Technologies Group they are changing the garden and green spaces environment too. Our range of commercial ZTR mowers is saving users countless dollars in fuel costs and the technology is rolling down to residential users also. This category is a significant strategic investment by the company, and we will continue to launch other ride on and vehicle platforms in the coming seasons.

For more information on Globe Technologies ride on and vehicle products visit cramer.com/zeroturn

Intelligent Autonomous Systems

Robotics and other automated solutions are creating increased leisure opportunities for today’s time poor consumers. No longer the preserve of the early adopter, our robotic products are sold to consumers and commercial users who see the benefits automation can bring to simple tasks like mowing the lawn. We are innovating on price, on technology and integrations with e-commerce and big data produces relevant technological solutions for customers worldwide.

For more information on Globe Technologies robotics and other automated solutions visit greenworks.eu/robotics or cramer.com/robotics

Power Tools & Accessories

Sharing our battery platforms across categories is a cornerstone of our brand story. Stepping out of our OEM origins our newest BU, power tools spread the benefits of the 24v system across the home and garage. Innovation leads our development, and new customers for the Greenworks brand will be able to access hundreds of products that will all utilise the 24v battery system.

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Cleaning and Domestic Appliances

Pressure Washers have long been a core part of the corporation's success. We now go further by developing other class leading products in the cleaning and domestic appliance category. The benefits of Lithium Ion in a truly flexible interchangeable system are brought to the home through vacuum, cleaning, and kitchen products.

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