Globe Technologies Focus

As our Vision and Mission statements make clear, we will play our part in changing the world by leading the transition to clean energy products. Our focus is the home, garage, garden, and green environment and switching from old high impact gasoline and mains cable product to rechargeable solutions instead. It’s a big, long job. But by encouraging this transition we believe we can help to improve the homes and lives of consumers worldwide.


Power the future

Every change, movement and force needs an accelerator. Something that drives the development forward and transforms new ideas into new standards. When it comes to the transition to sustainable powered products, the change is already here. The future is already here.

Globe Technologies are at the heart of it.
Globe Technologies are the accelerator of it.
Globe Technologies are the power of it.


To lead the change in clean energy solutions for everyday life.


To facilitate the worlds transition to sustainable energy through our innovative products for people’s daily lives.


It’s all about people. Colleagues, consumers, customers, suppliers, or investors. In all our dealings we strive to be balanced, fair and equitable. By understanding the impact we have on people and the planet we encourage a transparent and honest road to success – financially, socially and environmentally

Production capability

The majority of our production takes place in our178.000 square metersproduction campus in Changzhou, China. We also have factories in Vietnam, and shortly the United States.


Roughly 4,000 employees are based in our China campus. In manufacturing, R&D, Logistics, Quality, purchasing & financial roles. There are also additional employees engaged in Sales and Marketing and supporting roles in offices worldwide.

Company Locations

  • Globe Technologies North America

    Mooresville, N.C - North American HQ

    Morristown, TN - Manufacturing & Engineering

    Seattle, WA – Sales & Marketing

    Newmarket, Canada – Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

  • Globe Technologies Europe

    Weiterstadt, Germany – European HQ

    Jonkoping, Sweden – R&D Center

    Paris, France – Sales, Customer Service & After Sales

    Milan, Italy – Sales, Customer Service & After Sales

    Birmingham, UK – Sales, Customer Service & After Sales

  • Globe Technologies Asia

    Changzhou, China - Global HQ & Manufacturing

    Hong Kong, China – Sales & Distribution

    Hai Phong City, Vietnam - Manufacturing

To contact our offices in North America click here Contact Greenworks North America.