About Greenworks Commercial

For years commercial users have only had one option when it comes to landscaping power tools – gasoline powered products. But Greenworks Commercial is leading the change to high voltage, high performance products across North America. Powered by our class leading 82v battery system, the Greenworks Commercial product portfolio allows professional users to switch from gasoline tools to enjoy the multiple benefits of Lithium technology.

Positive payback

Firstly, all the tools run quiet, no noisy 2-stroke engines to disturb the neighbourhood. Secondly, they start first time – every time. If you have used a petrol tool, you will know full well it is always a pain to start the products. You would be surprised of the time saving having the tool start at the press of the button brings. The environmental benefits are clear, with no in-use emissions, but it also means great health and safety benefits for the user. No emissions for them to breathe in leads to a happier, healthier work force. And all that before the financial benefits of not having to pay for gas. Our studies show the financial savings from switching to cordless products can bring a positive payback within as little as 128 hours of use.*